iPad 101

OK, you’ve got / been given an iPad and you’re thinking “where do I start?” Well, I hope you have a friend to take you through the basics but if not here’s my iPad 101 to get you up and running.


1. Make sure you are in a room / area that has wireless internet before starting.

2. Hold iPAd with Round Button (“Home” button) at the bottom. The ON switch is now the other button on the top of the iPad

3. iCloud (Apple) account

First thing is to setup an iCloud account. This account:

  1. is online and your iPad is logged in permanently
  2. backs-up your iPad,
  3. keeps track of all the music/apps/films you purchase,
  4. stores your 1000 last photos, showing them on all your Apple devices & computers,
  5. Gives you the option of a new Apple email account (recommended to use this for you Apple iCloud account but don’t worry if you’ve already used another)
  6. automatically backs-up you Apple Docs made using the Apple apps
  7. can be logged into on any computer in the world through the Internet
  8. runs a tracking feature to locate your iPad, should you lose it!

The iPad will run you through the setup of iCloud:

  1. When you get the option of the iCloud (Apple) email then use it for your new Apple Account. (There are technical benefits to this which I wont bore you with now).
  2. Turn ON location services
  3. Say OK to Sending reports to Apple (This doesn’t slow the iPad or send any more personal info and indirectly will make your iPad better in the long run)

Once you have completed the setup questions you will be shown your Home Screen (The main screen with all the default apps – see right)

First things first: Adding your Email account.

Under Settings (Grey Cogs icon) you will find the categories of setting on the left and then find “Mail, Contacts, Calendars

In this you will see “Add Account

This will display the most common email providers. Except for Microsoft Exchange, they all setup automatically with just your email address and Password (Exchange might be the one your work / school uses and you’ll need to get the server address from your techies)

Every email address runs its own Calendar. I put my personal events into my personal Gmail account and Work events into my Work email Calendar. Both these appear in the separate calendar app once you’ve setup email and turned the calendar ON for the account.

Once you have your account added you can see in the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” settings that under the accounts there’s a Show “50 recent messages option”. I would change this to at least 100 so it stores 100 on the iPad itself, otherwise when you want to see an email from a month or two ago it will have to go onto the internet and download all the email from that month again.

Now your email is working, In the calendar app you have a + sign in the bottom right-hand corner and this will allow you to add events (selecting which calendar Work/Home the event is for)


(But for now here’s a summary of the Home Screen)

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