Screen record iPad onto Mac (with Yosemite update)

iPad Screen Recording with your Mac



iPad First 5 …

i4S iPad First 5 v2


i4S 2015 iPad


Green Screen Helpsheets

i4S Posting & Categories - WordPress App


i4S Battery-Life-iOS7


How to make a talking video poster for your wall     (more info here)

School Aurasma

How to Youtube as a Teacher


Making kids think BIG!.


Making iPad resources with a Windows PC.
PDFs with Powerpoint

Transition to teaching with devices: Step 1


iPad workflow and collaboration for Schools

School iPad App Map

Google docs are live docs with no further uploading/emailing required.

Dynamic School Doc links

Google Drive for Teachers

Google Drive for Teachers

Create a QR treasure hunt!

Make QR Hunt 2013v2

Here’s a useful QR video

Films and Photos organised directly from all the iPads in a school department.

flickr ipad png

Most teachers will need to teach some sort of process. Make a video!

process iPad png

New to Mac? Hold the Option key down and this becomes your keyboard:

Here are all the Twitter Accounts that used the #uLearn12 hashtag during the conference in Auckland in order of number of Tweets posted. Here’s the PDF

To get things going: Here’s my basic workflow and apps for teaching ( 2012):

Here’s some Keynote notes on why teachers should use Twitter:

This is a challenging idea but with senor students (16+) this Facebook setup has had the biggest & most successful impact on my career – and it’s safe!

13 steps to a Safe Facebook setup for teachers:

Getting the most from Teachers on Twitter.
Organising them into Lists (groups) using your iPad (TWEETBOT APP)
Organising the educators you follow into categories based on their main discussion threads, makes Twitter much more manageable.
Keeping the List your make “Public” will allow other teachers to subscribe to your list.

STEP 1: Make a List(Category) STEP 2: Add Educators STEP 3: View a List

Seeing your Twitter List as a Magazine in iPad Flipboard App.

10 comments on “GUIDES

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  2. Quick query… do you use any shared iOS devices or just 1 to 1?
    We have a mix, and struggle with locking down the shared devices sufficiently. There is a limit to what our MDM, Supervised mode and profiles can offer.
    Basically, are you aware of a way to prevent users making a password and messing with the “Settings” part of an iPad?

    • Great question and one that’s stumped me. I’ll hunt out a proper solution but for now you could folder Settings on a 3rd or 4th screen of apps by dividing apps into categories (one per screen) If the folder was called something like “Learning” it might not interest the sort of student who would mess with settings! :-)

  3. Pingback: Listly List - 1 iPad Classroom Apps #ettipad #ipad #ipadedu

    • Great idea, I’ll check out Schoology. Kids can submit there work through a Facebook update on the group page. The main issue I had was with senior students (15-18) not wanting lo log in to any other system. They have the phones and laptops permanently logged in to Facebook, so I work within the space they live in and this pushes the concept of learning being part of life.

      • I am familiar with them being able to upload to an update. Schoology allows them to upload to an assignment folder, which then the teacher can open and flip through each to grade. It is actually pretty sweet. It eliminates one step from using Goodreader would make you do. The only downside right now is that Schoology only allows you to enter text to comment because for some reason they can’t get their stuff together and make an annotation ink feature. Ugh. If this happens (and hopefully when) it will be near flawless. My district of 10,000 is just starting to leverage it.

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