9 tips for iPad Teacher featImg

Teachers who just got iPads

83006d6bd421cf420a2fd1aa1e0329eeI had the privilege of holding a Google Hangout with Holly Clark (@HollyEdTEchDiva) and Tanya Avrith (@EdTechSchools). It was a great chat, where we compared US, NZ and Canadian school systems. Afterwards I was checking out Holly’s stuff and came across her great introduction to iPads in Classrooms. I checked with Holly and she was keen I do one of my visual representations of the ideas. So here it is, my visual, albeit briefer introduction for teachers who just got iPads:

Holly Clark

9 Starter Tips for Teachers Who Just Got iPads
PNG (No links – 1mb)   PDF (Links – 2mb)

Teachers New to iPads

9 comments on “Teachers who just got iPads

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  2. Hi! I’ll be giving a workshop to elementary school teachers in October and one of the topics I will cover is the use of devices and social media in classrooms as well as to help inform their practices. May I include the PDF in their package? Great tool, thank you for sharing!

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